Mickoski tells Radev and Borissov: Gone are the days of politicians who signed everything that was put on their table


I am in favor of building relationships and bridges with neighbors, and respecting each other. We cannot be good neighbors if we do not have respect, said Macedonian Prime Minister HristijanMickoski and added that the country recognizes Bulgarians and their rights in Macedonia.

Radev and Borissov previously reacted to the statements of Macedonian Prime Minister HristijanMickoski that he does not accept constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictate.

Regarding the statements of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and BoykoBorissov, leader of GERB and winner of the last elections in Bulgaria, he said that such messages are part of the Middle Ages.

“I’m sorry that such messages are coming from our eastern neighbor. I think that such messages are part of the Middle Ages, but in modern Europe in the 21st century there were politicians like Radev. I am ready to sit down with both. I wish Borissov to form the government, because we come from the European People’s Party. But the eastern neighbor should also know that the days of politicians who bent their backs and knelt down, and signed everything that was put before them on the table, and at the same time robbed the people under the EU flag, are gone,” Mickoski said at the opening of a school in Drachevo.

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