One in two companies was asked for a bribe, the sums go up to EUR 100,000


The central government mostly demands bribes from private companies, according to the survey of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia of 138 private companies in the country. More than half responded that they were asked for a bribe, and in 78% of the companies the requests came from the central state government.

The figures show that five companies were asked for more than 100,000 euros, and for the majority of companies, the sums go up to 10,000 euros. From those who participated in tenders, up to 10 percent of the value was requested.

“In what form was the corrupt request?” The most answers to this question are that it is in the form of money. Next comes the answer – a gift, then a service, and then there is a group of answers like getting someone a job, being promoted in the company, some kind of donation to a political party, etc.

Companies often received requests for corruption in the process of obtaining various permits or approvals, inspection, customs, tender or court procedures.

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