Poll: Mickoski is by far the most trusted politician among the citizens, VMRO-DPMNE has the highest rating


Prime Minister HristijanMickoskihas the greatest trust among citizens, according to the data from the latest IPIS survey conducted between June 18 and June 21. According to the answers, 27.8 percent of those surveyed have the greatest confidence in Mickoski. The rest of the politicians listed in the survey enjoy less than 10 percent trust.

If parliamentary elections were to be held next week, VMRO-DPMNE would win, according to the survey.

A high 28 percent declared that they would cast their vote for the ruling party. 10.1 percent of those surveyed would vote for SDSM, 8.9 percent for the DUI coalition, and 7.8 percent would vote for the Worth It coalition.

A total of 15.5 percent of those surveyed did not want to give an answer to this question, while 13 percent responded that they would not vote for any party.


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