Support of any former SDSM leader for the current candidates will bring new divisions in the party, claims Petrovska


The standing of any of the former party leaders of the SDSM behind one of the current candidates can further divide the party, MP and SDSM party leader candidate Slavjanka Petrovska said in an interview with Kanal 5 TV on Wednesday evening.

Petrovska said this when asked if, as former leader Zoran Zaev stood behind Dimitar Kovachevski in the intra-party elections in 2021, would now do the same for Venko Filipche and if such support would give him a certain advantage over the other candidates.

“For any of the former leaders to stand behind any of the current candidates, I just think it could further divide the party and could make the process of legitimately electing a party leader more difficult. What I need is the support of the membership,” said Petrovska.

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