Balancer to be phased out – expertise will come before ethnicity, says Andonovski


Cancelling of the balancer will be done in stages. In the first stage, we will go back to the 2021 Census data and then cancel the balancer through a law and a change in the methodology while observing the Constitution’s fundamental value – proper and just representation of ethnic communities, said Minister of Digital Transformation Stefan Andonovski on Friday.

The minister said that this will put an end to initially being from an ethnic group, and then being a professional in a field and having quality and education. Expertise will come before the choice of ethnicity.

“I think that this requires a comprehensive discussion in the Government, to see what are the ways not to violate the fundamental principle of the Constitution – adequate and fair representation of the communities, but at the same time to guarantee the merit, efficiency, quality, education and experience of employees, and not to see their ethnic sign,” said Andonovski.

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