Janevska: Education is in a bad state, we are starting with changes immediately and in all its segments


There is a political consensus that out of numerous reforms, none of them gave the expected effect and therefore education is in a very bad state. And even the latest PISA results show that whatever we do, we are not moving from the bottom of the table of countries. Now something more serious must be done in coordination with all stakeholders and parallel in all segments of education, Minister of Education and Science VesnaJanevska said in an interview with TV 24.

“Primarily, we will pay attention to primary and secondary education. For example, we are planning a longer stay of the students in school, and that all from the first to the fourth grade will be in full-day teaching, and the students from the fifth to the ninth grade will be in an extended stay. After 8 classes in which they will not only sit over a book, but will have many curricular and extracurricular activities,”Janevska said.

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