We kept our promise for linear pension increase, says Mickoski


Higher pensions for retirees voted in the first Government session. I am proud to share the news that the promise made more than 1 year ago is becoming a reality, announced Prime Minister HristijanMickoskiin a Facebook post on Friday.

“After the election victory, the new Government immediately proceeded to keep its promises. At the first government session held on June 28, 2024, I announce a linear increase in pensions by MKD 5,000. The first payment of MKD 2500 will be in September, and the second of MKD 2500 will follow in March.

I made this promise at my last meeting with the pensioners in Veles. It was a time when they protested in the streets demanding dignified treatment from the government. I will be happy to visit them this afternoon,” reads Mickoski’s post.

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