Office for Management of Registersto fall under the Ministry of Digital Transformation jurisdiction


In the coming period, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will revise the Roadmap for Digital Transformation in order to abolish the duality of plans, strategies, roadmaps, said the responsible minister Stefan Andonovski. The former minister of good governance SlavicaGrkovska, who together with the former MISA, had that competence, will be consulted for that.

“I hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will review the audit reports, to see how the citizens’ money was spent, and their safety is not guaranteed. What we will work on in the coming period is the establishment of minimum standards for cyber security, which will mean that every institution respecting them will be able to protect itself, but also citizens from cyber-attacks,” stressed Andonovski and added that it will come under the authority of the Ministry and the Registry Office.


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