“Drustvo Prespa” considers the figure of 7,957 “Bulgarians” in Albania to be a gross census forgery and demands measures from the EU


The organization for the protection of the rights of Macedonians in Albania “Drustvo Prespa”, as the oldest Macedonian organization in Albania established in 1991, rejects the preliminary census results in Albania from last year’s census held from September 18 to October 30, then extended to November 16, for the number of Macedonians and “Bulgarians”, and considers them a gross census forgery, said the organization in a press release on Saturday.

“Drustvo Prespa” expresses concern from the announcement of the Statistics Institute of Albania (INSTAT) that 2,281 “northmacedonians” live in Albania, although 5,512 Macedonians were registered (even then acceptable) in the 2011 census. We remind you that we are not talking about settlers in Albania from the state of “North Macedonia”, but about the native Macedonian population who have been living in their own homes and on their own autochthonous territory for centuries!

“Drustvo Prespa” considers the published number of 7,957 “Bulgarians” in Albania to be a gross census forgery, more than the census in Macedonia in 2021 – 3,504. It continues to claim that there are no “ethnic Bulgarians” in Albania, in any census from 1912 to 2023, and there is not a single Bulgarian in the entire territory of Albania, reads the press release.

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