Petrovska withdraws from SDSM leadership race, says she doesn’t want to be an accomplice in the statute violation


Former Defense Minister and SDSM MP Slavjanka Petrovska is withdrawing from the SDSM leadership race a day ahead of the vote. In an official letter to the party’s Central Election Commission, Petrovska said she wants to protect SDSM from an illegitimate leadership election and asked that her name isn’t on the ballot.

“Wanting to protect SDSM from an illegitimate election of a leader and to avoid being an accomplice in this violation of the statute, I am notifying you that I am withdrawing my candidacy for leader of SDSM. Since this process is unacceptable for me, I ask that my name isn’t listed on the ballot, so that voters aren’t misled,” reads Petrovska’s letter.

In the letter, Petrovska wrote that despite sharing numerous irregularities with representatives of the Central Election Commission, she wasn’t provided any response that disproves her claims.



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