Total of 38 buildings illegally built in Ohrid, 49 in Struga in 2023


According to the data of the State Statistics Office (SSO), in 2023, 780 illegally built buildings were registered on the territory of Macedonia. According to the type of building, 172 buildings were for housing (22.1%), 134 were extensions, upgrades and adaptations (17.2%), 62 were business buildings and others, reports OhridNews.

As many as 38 buildings were illegally built in Ohrid, of which 7 housing buildings, 8 additions, upgrades and similar adaptations, 10 fences, one garage and terrace each, 3 canopies, and four temporary and auxiliary buildings. In Struga, 49 buildings were illegally built, 10 of which were for housing, according to SSO data.

The largest number of illegally built buildings (93.1%), at the state level, are privately owned.



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