Madikj: Voting and the entire process for SDSM leader took place in a fair and democratic atmosphere


After the end of the voting in the extraordinary intra-party elections for the next SDSM party leader, the Central Election Commission (CEC) notes that the process for electing the president took place smoothly and peacefully, in a fair and democratic atmosphere. Of the total registered in the voter list, 12,608 members or 54% have come out by 7:45 p.m., said SDSM CEC president Viktorija Avramovska Madikj.

All 77 polling stations were opened and the municipal election commissions conducted it in accordance with the Regulations adopted by the Central Board and the provisions of the party statute. In the municipality of Studenichani, the polling station was closed prematurely, which is why the CEC decided to cancel the voting.

The CEC head added that after the completion of the data processing, the CEC will announce the final results.

The vote was held in 77 polling stations, with around 23.000 party members registered to vote.

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