Mucunski: Government is firmly focused on European reforms through rule of law, fight against corruption


Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Timcho Mucunski participated in Dubrovnik Forum 2024 where he addressed the panel “Western Balkans: Unlocking the Reform Potential” on Saturday, touching upon the country’s perspective of EU membership, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

The foreign minister pointed out that although the country is witnessing the “bilateralization” of the European integration process, and previously also the membership in NATO, as well as the repeated application of double standards by the EU institutions, the nation is still pro-European, and the majority of the people support the European agenda.

In the area of ​​reforms and integration of the country into the EU, Mucunski emphasized that the new government was firmly focused on the fight against crime and corruption, the rule of law and economic development.


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