Detektor poll: Macedonians want EU membership, but not at the cost of Bulgarians in the Constitution


Macedonian citizens support membership in the EU, but not at the cost of including the Bulgarians in the Constitution, shows the latest survey of public opinion conducted for Detektor by the Institute for Political Research, Skopje.
According to the poll, if a referendum were to be held tomorrow, 60.2% of citizens would vote for EU membership, while 28.7% would vote against it.
It is interesting that this year’s survey shows the largest number of citizens who would vote against. Detector asks this question for the fourth time in the last 5 years. If in 2019 only 17.3% were against, today that number has grown to 28.7%.
Most of the citizens or 31.7% believe that Macedonia will never enter the EU. 18.1% expect it to happen in the next 5 years, 15.9% in the next 10, and 14.8% expect entry into the EU in the next 15 years.
However, more than two-thirds of citizens are ready to sacrifice EU membership if the only way to get there is to include Bulgarians in the Constitution.
Almost half of the citizens or 49.1% believe that the negotiating framework can be changed, while 28.3% believe that this cannot happen.

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