Electricity price goes up starting Monday


The bills of electricity consumers on the regulated market, that is, households and small consumers, from today until the end of the year, for the majority of consumers, will be higher by 0.4 percent. The decision on the minimum price increase was made by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on Thursday.
As the ERC president Marko Bislimoski indicated after the decision was made, the price of electricity for households from July 1 in the first block remains the same, in the second block there is an increase of 0.85 percent, in the third block of 1.92 percent and in the fourth block of 1.88 percent, while cheap electricity will increase by 0.65 percent. With this, he added, the cost of electricity will increase by 0.4 percent for 88 percent of households that enter with consumption in the first and second blocks. For 8 percent of households that have consumption in the third block, the monthly cost will increase by 0.48 percent, and for 4 percent of households that enter with consumption in the fourth block, the cost will increase by 0.57 percent.
The electricity price should be valid until year’s end, and for the next regulatory period after January 1, 2025, the authorities announce a price reduction as long as everything is normal and there are no surprises.

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