Mickoski: I don’t see why we cannot add another French proposal for the Macedonians in Bulgaria


Macedonian Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski said on Monday that the Prespa Agreement is a reality that is part of the constitutional and legal order of the country noting that the Friendship Treaty has already been renegotiated by adding the so-called “French Proposal”, which proposes constitutional changes.
Mickoski said this while commenting on the statement made by United States ambassador Angela Aggeler, who said in an interview with Radio Free Europe that there are no renegotiations either for Prespa or with Bulgaria for the EU, those agreements have already been made and there is no renegotiation for progress towards the EU.
“As for the constitutional amendments, which are part of the so-called French proposal, which is an addition to the Friendship Treaty, i.e. a renegotiation of the Friendship Treaty, and in relation to that you know our position that we do not negotiate dictates and ultimatums, so if the Good Neighbor Agreement can be renegotiated and added the so-called French proposal I see no reason why not to add a French proposal plus or some other proposal, which will cover the demands of the Macedonian people, of the Macedonians in Bulgaria,” said Mickoski, asked by the media at the groundbreaking for a new preschool in the Butel Municipality.

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