No time to celebrate, it’s time to reform SDSM, says Filipche


After it was announced Sunday late night that Venko Filipche had won the most votes in yesterday’s intra-party elections and it was said that he is the new leader of SDSM, in his first address as the party leader, Filipche said that now was the time for reforming SDSM and a lot of work was ahead of them.
“A period of reorganization and reform will follow in line with my program commitments, with which I am sure SDSM will once again return to its winning ways. This won’t be quick nor easy, but I know that there is no other way to restore the trust of our members except by making real, thorough changes. We cannot fake the changes or implement incomplete changes, they have to be real and sincere so that we can slowly but surely start to win the hearts of the citizens,” Filipche said.
“Many want to see the SDSM kneeling down and defeated. They hope that the party will not survive and are fed up with the electoral defeat. I promise that we will restore the dignity of the party, and those who hope for a bad future for the party will be deeply disappointed,” he added.

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