MES to pay financial aid to over 100,000 primary and secondary school students in four months


The VMRO – DPMNE-led government starts Tuesday with the payment of unpaid financial support for primary and secondary school students in the amount of 1200 and 1800 denars per month, for the remaining 4 months in which the citizens did not see the promised money from the previous government. This is monetary compensation which, like everything else, remained unrealized even though a legal solution was adopted for the regulation of this measure. A law that they themselves did not respect, said VMRO-DPMNE MP and spokesperson Marija Miteva at a press conference

“I inform you that on the first working day of her term, Minister of Education and Science Vesna Janevska tasked the authorities to make a detailed review of the unrealized financial obligations for every single pupil whose family meets the conditions and has submitted an application for exercising this right. Based on that, a plan was made with payment dynamics starting today,” said Miteva.

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