Minister Ljutkov opens the 19th Macedonian Cultural Summer festival in Pustec Municipality


Macedonian Minister of Culture and Tourism Zoran Ljutkov on Monday evening in the museum dedicated to the Albanian writer of Macedonian origin Sterjo Spase, in the Albanian village of Globochani, Municipality of Pustec, attended and addressed the opening of the 19th edition of the Macedonian Cultural Summer festival.

In his address, Ljutkov emphasized that the festival confirmed that the culture and language we speak were greater and more significant than the borders that separate us.

“Today, through art, literature, music and all other forms of cultural expression, we share the creativity and talent of Macedonian artists, maintaining continuity in the development and promotion of Macedonian culture among all residents in this part of Prespa. It is through culture, through every image and word, that we break down the borders and strengthen the ties with our people,” said Ljutkov.



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