We must create a National Education Strategy with political consensus


The country needs a National Education Strategy in which principles will be set for the creation of a quality education system in Macedonia, and this is one of the goals in our program. It will be a document that will be accepted by all or most of the political subjects and in some way it will be a working program for raising the quality of education. If we reach such a consensus, it would be good for the Parliament to accept that document as well, said Macedonian Minister of Education and Science Vesna Janevska in an interview with MRT, where she spoke about the situation in education and the priorities.

The minister pointed out that at the very beginning she detected many problems that must be urgently overcome. Therefore, as Janevska said, ‘we do not have time to focus on only one or a few elements, but more changes will take place in parallel in primary, secondary and higher education.’



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