Nikoloski – Janev: Fight against corruption and crime is the Government’s main priority, there will be accountability!


WE START PROSECUTING CRIME! THERE WILL BE ACCOUNTABILITY!, said Macedonian Minister of Transport Aleksandar Nikoloski in a Facebook post.

“Today at the Ministry of Transport I met with Aleksandar Janev, director of the Public Security Office with the Ministry of Interior, and part of his team working on cases in the field of organized crime and corruption. We discussed evidence of committed crime and the irresponsible spending of money within the framework of PE Railways Infrastructure and PE State Roads. These clues emerged from the capital investment report of the SAO, and in the next period, other subjects and activities will be considered within the framework of the Ministry of Transport and the institutions under its authority,” said Nikoloski.

“The fight against corruption and crime is the main priority of this Government. The whole matter and all possible crime will be investigated. We will not allow anyone to steal public funds and no one must be above the law,” added Minister Nikoloski.

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