Petrovska says she will not accept any position in SDSM, but no one will silence her


In an interview with TV 24, SDSM MP Slavjanka Petrovska said that she will always speak loudly about the problems within SDSM, but also that she will not accept any position in the leadership of the party.

“I will not accept any position. I will not be the cause of the failures of SDSM, but through any accusations someone tried to silence me and at the expense of continuing some internal games, which harm SDSM and which will make a worse result next year, then there will be no price what will be able to silence me, and even if it is criticism, even if I am asked to resign as a member of parliament. I don’t have a problem with taking responsibility, but if I have to be silenced just because I speak publicly about issues that I don’t think should happen in SDSM, then my thesis about a captive party is confirmed,” said Petrovska

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