Chibishev announces jobs by competition and law in Toxicology Clinic, the 18 employees are not at work as of Wednesday


The new director of the Toxicology Clinic Andon Chibyshev indicated at a press conference on Wednesday that the biggest problem at the Clinic is the lack of staff. It announces intensive efforts to overcome the problem.

He says that there is a shortage of all kinds of staff and that about 15 people are needed immediately, primarily young staff because the average age of the Clinic’s employees is over 50 years of age.

“The agenda is being agreed on how to overcome the problem first for the summer, and then for the longer term, to get approvals faster,” Chibishev said at the first meeting with reporters after his appointment, stressing that there will be no more, as he said, “cowboy hires”.

The director announced new hires according to competitions and laws. There will be no revanchism, persecution of dissidents, Chibishev said, announcing the improvement of conditions for patients and staff and better communication with the media.

For the 18 people who were hired at the Clinic, and for whom there were reactions in the public, Chibishev says that they are no longer at work as of Wednesday.

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