Drastic increase in prostate cancer cases, urologists urge men over 50 to get examined


Every man over 50 must undergo specialist examinations, says Dr. Vlatko Filipov, specialist urologist at the Shtip Clinical Hospital. Statistical data, as Filipov points out, show that because men avoid examinations, a greater number of prostate cancer cases are registered.

“Basic examinations at urologist are performed with prior preparation at the registry, by doing an echo and a laboratory with a PSA tumor and with those two documents, the patient should contact a urologist. Patients do not come in time, so we have patients who in the last statistics of 300 biopsies performed, 200 are with cancer and of those 200, 180 are with late detected cancers, which means the number of patients who come late to the urologist is large. So yes, with the new methods, we have a drastic increase in newly discovered patients with prostate cancer,” said Dr. Filipov.

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