Macedonian minority in Albania demands new census


The Macedonian and other minorities in Albania will come out with a joint declaration of non-recognition of the results of the census in our western neighbor and will officially request the implementation of a new statistical operation, said the president of the Macedonian MAEI party, Vasil Sterjovski.

According to Sterjovski, the declaration will contain solid evidence that it is falsified and pure manipulation, and he stressed that they will submit it to all state and international institutions.

The party and other Macedonian associations have already declared that they do not recognize the results, and so have the Greek associations.

The number of Macedonians has been cut in half after last year’s census in Albania. According to the data of the Statistics Institute there, published today, 2,281 declared themselves as Macedonians, or twice less compared to the census in 2011, when about 5,500 were recorded.

For the first time, Bulgarians also appear in the minorities. As much as 0.3 percent of those enumerated, or over 7,000, declared that they belonged to the Bulgarian ethnic community.

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