Not collective, but individual responsibility, says Judicial Council head Dameva


Asked about the statements over a potential dissolution of the Judicial Council and reforms regarding the election of its members, Council president Vesna Dameva said she doesn’t subscribe to the thesis of collective responsibility. At Wednesday’s conference on the Judicial Council’s progress in implementing the EU peer review mission’s recommendations, Dameva said responsibility should be detected and individually sanctioned.

“As a lawyer, first of all, I do not support the thesis of collective responsibility, however, my personal view is that there should be individual responsibility and it should be accurately detected and sanctioned. Each responsibility has a name and a surname, let it be detected and let everyone bear an individual sanction, if they did something illegal, violated the reputation and integrity of the Judicial Council, made a decision under the influence of various emotions, etc.,” said Dameva.

Dameva indicated some consequences if a new Law on Judicial Council is adopted. She says that in the period from the dissolution to the constitution of a new Judicial Council, there will be a vacuum period, in which there is a danger that some crimes meet the statute of limitations.

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