Previous Government didn’t print a single textbook for 7th grade, we are working with the Bureau to overcome the challenge, says Janevska


If we had a magic wand, we as the Government cannot manage to provide textbooks for the seventh grade until September. No 7th grade textbooks are available for printing. Some have not been approved, some have not passed peer review, and some have not even been written. So, although the previous management announced that textbooks for the seventh grade are being printed and delivered, the actual situation is completely different, said Minister of Education and Science Vesna Janevska, pointing out that in order to overcome the challenge, a solution is required together with the Education Development Bureau.

“We have been talking with the Bureau for a few days and most likely the students from the seventh grade and the next school year will learn from the existing textbooks, the ones that have been in use so far. We have an explanation from the Bureau that they are quite compatible with the curricula, except for two to three topics for which teaching materials can be made,” Janevska said.

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