Grubito be a journalism professor, Osmanigoes back to the Clinic, Grkovska to the Interior Ministry, etc.


Former ministers BujarOsmani, ArtanGrubi, SlavicaGrkovska, RistoPenov, AzirAliu and KajaShukova will not seek appanage and are returning to their former jobs. BojanMarichikj and JetonShaqiri have already submitted requests for appanage, and other ministers from the government led by former Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski are already MPs or have retired.

Former ministers FatmirBesimi, KrenarLloga and KreshnikBekteshi have not yet declared whether they will request appanage.

Grubi returns to his old profession at the University of Tetovo as a journalism professor, while his fellow party member, BujarOsmani, returns to the Digestive Surgery Clinic. Grkovska returns to her post in the Ministry of Interior, Shukova remains employed in the Ministry of Environment, and Penov and Aliu will go back to their private businesses.

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