Instead of commenting, SDSM should deal with whether they will have voters for a single MP in the next elections, says VMRO-DPMNE


The gravediggers’ party of Macedonia, the tandem and the corruption brothers ZoranZaev and VenkoFilipche, instead of hiding, is somehow making a fuss about something that is a thing of the past and that they had seven years to analyze as the government, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Thursday.

“If they think that they still get away with such tricks and that the people have forgotten who they are, they are wrong. These are the same people that:

Asked for a commission on vaccines; They stole cytostatics; Built modular hospitals instead of a solid building, one of which caught fire and burned down, killing 14 people who burned alive.

Instead of just commenting, they should deal with whether in the next elections they will have voters for a single MP, because Filipche became their leader with 9,000 votes from all over Macedonia, something that gives indications that in the2028 parliamentary elections he will not be able to be elected as a Member of Parliament,” said the ruling party.

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