Interior Minister: Covering a border with 49 people in this day and age is out of mind


Regarding the control of the border with Greece and the increasingly frequent illegal crossings, Macedonian Interior PancheToshkovskisaid that an integrated system should be created through which the borders will be controlled with the help of thermal cameras.

“In this day and age, 49 people to cover 39 kilometers of the border physically, with physical running, is beyond my mind. When we can install thermal cameras, drones, even use helicopters. If all this would be an integrated management system, no matter where it would be located, where it would work in three shifts, where every single perimeter would be detected based on these cameras and drones, mobile teams would be located from specific positions within the existing ones. with new vehicles, trained staff in cooperation with Frontex would work on the southern border, but also on other borders,” Toshkovski said

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