Macedonians in Bulgaria to Radev: Bulgaria beat its citizens that have Macedonian self-awareness


The communities of Macedonians in Bulgaria react to the statement made by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, with which he responded to the Macedonian Prime Minister HristijanMickoski for the statement that the Friendship Treaty can be renegotiated.

“Cynicism is the president of a country where human rights are regularly violated and there is so much criticism from international human rights institutions and so many judgments in the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to utter these words. Yes, Bulgaria beat its citizens that have Macedonian self-awareness in the years of democracy, and yes – there were attacks on Macedonian councils and Macedonian clubs,” Macedonians in Bulgaria said in a press release.

The difference is, they say, that absolutely no one has been tried, convicted, or punished for that in Bulgaria.

“No one is even verbally reprimanded, in the media or by politicians. We did not hear Radev condemn the attack on the Macedonian club “Nikola Vapcarov” in Blagoevgrad, for example, and neither did any Bulgarian politician,” added the press release.

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