Previous government’s goal was complete destruction of the state, says Mizrahi


It’s been ten days since the formation of the Government where the Government announced a wind park and improvement of the state’s energy balance, 250 million that will be given to the municipalities, new gardens, amendment of the law on health care, amendment of staff solutions regarding the law on health care, that is, the elimination of the administrative staff that weighed on the health system, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Rashela Mizrahi on Thursday.

“The tendency of the previous government is to rob the budget and the state to collapse so that there is no evidence of the theft. VMRO-DPMNE was very determined that the priority of this government is the fight against crime and corruption. Why? Due to the fact that petty crime and corruption is one thing, and major crime and corruption, according to all scientific papers, pass over 80% with the approval of the state, which means that the Government must approve crime and corruption, and therefore the tendency and the first primary goal of the new government is fighting crime and corruption,” said MP Mizrahi.

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