Safe City system to initially operate in three cities


Macedonian Minister of Interior PancheToshkovski announced that the Safe City system will be put into operation very soon, initially in Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo.

“We all like order, who doesn’t? We all want peace and quiet, we all want to sleep at night without loud music, we all want to have peace without cars racing at 180 per hour along Partizanskaboulevard and other boulevards in Skopje. Over 95 percent of people, and even more, want peace and order. In order to have that, one of the conditions that, in my opinion, we should do in the future is the full implementation of the Safe City system, initially in Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo.This means that everyone who went through a red light should be sanctioned, it means that everyone who double parked should be fined,it means that everyone who drove faster than the allowed speed should be punished. It is in the interest of all citizens,”Toshkovski said.

Before it is implemented, the interior minister pointed out, it is necessary to make certain legal changes and to define the details of how it will work.

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