There are three times more Bulgarians in Albania than in Macedonia, will the same condition apply to them to be part of the Preamble?


As a country, we should take care of the behavior of the other sides of the border. But not only in the neighborhood, but everywhere in the world, said Macedonian Prime Minister HristijanMickoski, responding to a media question about Bulgaria’s propaganda in Albania regarding the listing of Macedonians as a Bulgarian minority.

“I regret that the previous government led by SDSM and DUI behaved like this and left an empty space for foreign propaganda to be active among the Macedonians in Albania. But I would say that assimilationist policy by our Eastern neighbor is not only among the Macedonians. If you look at the numbers, you will see that it also affects a large part of the rest of the citizens in Albania. It is something that needs to be analyzed more seriously,” said Mickoski.

PM Mickoski emphasizes that since there are three times more Bulgarian population in Albania than there is in the country, will the same condition apply for them to be part of the Preamble.

“Now the question arises, since in Albania there are almost three times as many who declare themselves as part of the Bulgarian community, will we also have a requirement for Albania to include them in the Preamble or not, because they have three times as many citizens of Albania who for themselves they say they are part of the Bulgarian community, from those who say they are in Macedonia. Now the question is whether that condition will apply to them, or whether that condition will apply only to us,” added Mickoski.

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