Average grade of the state matriculation exam is 3.25 – 286 students had their exam canceled due to cheating or…


The average grade achieved by high school students at the state matriculation exam this year is 3.25. Compared to previous years, there is a decrease (3.65 in 2023, 3.78 in 2022 and 3.61 in 2021) which, according to the State Examination Center as the competent institution for implementing the process, is the result of the stricter measures during the examination which this time they were taken.

A total of 14,834 registered candidates took the mandatory external exam in native language on June 1, while the optional subject was taken on June 8, and the testing was conducted in the halls and gymnasiums of the schools, for the sake of greater visibility and control of the observers over the students.

The result is, informed the director of the State Examination Center Biljana Mihajlovska – that 49 students were discovered who used a mobile phone during the tests, while 4 students were caught copying solutions based on previously received answers to the questions. During the evaluation of the tests, the evaluators detected 175 students who copied the tests, as well as 22 plagiarisms. 268 students who have been ordered to cancel the exam will be able to take it again in the August exam period.


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