Catastrophic budget figures, funds will be found for increased pensions, says Mickoski


The question is how to pay for what has been planned in the Budget. We are trying to be creative and ensure the citizens don’t feel it. There will be funds for increased pensions, and we will talk with the unions to see if it is possible to increase the minimum wage to EUR 450 in the first 100 days of Government, Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski told a press conference on Friday.

“It’s like a typhoon passed through the country in the past seven years and not only robbed it, but also severely destroyed it. I hope that in the first 100 days I will have the opportunity to sit down with the unions, together with the ministers of finance, economy and labor and social policy, demography and youth, and talk and show them the numbers so they can see what we are facing,” said Mickoski in response to a media question at the press conference in the Government.

The PM emphasizes that the Bufget figures are catastrophic and said that funds will be found for the payment of pensions together with the linear increase because, as Mickoski said, there is a proper redistribution in the Budget.

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