Ljubomir Frchkoski summoned to Skopje for consultations – might be recalled as UN ambassador


A source confirmed for Kanal 5 TV that Foreign Minister Timcho Mucunski’s team summoned Macedonian UN ambassador Ljubomir Frchkoski for consultations, which can be interpreted as his impeachment due to financial malpractice, but also failure to follow the instructions received.

According to the source, the reason for his return is consistent non-compliance with the directions he received from the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the past period, negligence in operations, noted financial indiscipline, as well as spending funds contrary to the rules for the work of diplomatic consular missions. The act of summoning him for consultations should be signed Friday.

In addition, we learn that financial indiscipline is related to the evasion of material assets from a succession of objects and the spending of financial assets contrary to the procedures and procedures in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The current Ambassador at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, Ljubomir Frchkoski, failed to get the green light for an ambassador’s post in Washington two years ago.

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