Mickoski announces new German-Belgian investment in Macedonia


Macedonian Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski has announced a new German-Belgian investment in a Facebook post on Friday.

“We were passed down a country in a coma and we are working with all our energy to restore hope. We are building a better future. Great news for all citizens is that the German company EPSOTEH in partnership with the Belgian AIM will invest in the construction of a new production plant, for which they will invest 20 million euros. The facility will be located in the Petrovec municipality, outside the technological development zones, and it will produce elements from the automotive, railway and health industries. Construction activities will start at the end of August, and in one year employment of more than 110 of our fellow citizens is planned. It is significant that part of the investment is also a Research and Development Center, which gives great added value to it and will mean the hiring of highly skilled employees. Investments are the solution for a better life for citizens. For you! We are fulfilling,” Mickoski pointed out.


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