Mickoski on Judicial Council members: They are against reforms because they are comfortable sitting in their chairs, getting paid and have only two percent confidence


Their position is nice, they get paid each month, yet have two percent trust among the citizens. It is the best kind of position, comfortable, sitting in thick leather armchairs with red carpets and coming to work every day, counting thousands of euros in monthly wage, and enjoying only two percent trust among the citizens. And it’s quite normal when someone wants to act invasively, to make a reform, immediately on the other side we have a defense mechanism that says, no, no, we are against it, because the reform that we envisioned, envisioned no more comfortable armchairs, but yes there is responsibility and accountability, so that we can see what they have done so far, says the Prime Minister of Republic of North Macedonia Hristijan Mickoski, responding to a media question at a press conference on Friday.

Prime Minister Mickoski emphasizes that they should be ashamed that they are still taking public money, and enjoy the trust of only two percent, instead of saying themselves that things really need to change, stressing that the Government will continue to offer solutions and change something, that is, as he said, it should not be like before, because that’s why Macedonia is losing its citizens.

“And now it is normal that this kind of experts and such type of people who are part of those bodies, who have two percent confidence, will appear. I would be ashamed to have two percent confidence. I will immediately leave the job I am doing and find something else to do. And those of whom we saw most of them being placed there, instead of being ashamed and saying themselves, let’s really do something, they continue to spend taxpayers’ money, and even send messages to the public and make threats. We will continue to offer solutions, we know how to offer solutions. If they have better solutions, then they should come and talk so that we could change something, so that it will not be like before. Because as of now, our children have moved out, Macedonia has become empty,” said PM Mickoski.

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