There’s never been more drugs on the street than right now – no control for the last 3-4 years, says Toshkovski


The situation with the amount of illegal narcotics on the streets in the country is catastrophic. There’s never been more drugs on the street than right now, says Macedonian Minister of Interior Panche Toshkovski in an interview with Sloboden Pechat daily news outlet.

According to the interior minister, there was no control in the last 3-4 years and there was no information who came in and out the country, along migrant routes or side roads, so he believes that they must focus mostly on border security.

“This means that we will have one center, from which technical devices, thermal cameras, drones will be used. We will act with mobile teams from the interior, so that we can cover in depth, especially the green border, to have real control and a real picture of the actual state of the border. We will see whether it has not been done so far because of the efforts of the previous ministers or because it suited someone,” said Toshkovski.


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