Up to 40 percent of university graduates left Macedonia


Macedonia is facing a significant outflow of highly educated personnel, which amounts to about 2500 people annually.

The political party Levica point out that according to the latest audit report of the State Audit Office (SAO), Macedonia is one of the highest ranked countries in the world in this category and it is alarming that the state does not retain its most qualified individuals, and this situation tends even more it gets worse.

“In recent years, the state has invested significant funds for highly educated personnel who then left the country. This outflow has a serious effect on the gross domestic product (GDP) and represents a significant economic loss. The corruption of all previous governing sets, the rigged contests in which instead of the best quality work positions are given to party cadres, make the best students forced to they leave the country to find a job suitable for their education outside of it,” reads Levica’s press release.


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