EU Ambassador Geer after criticism that foreign ambassadors “interfere”: Mickoski raised important questions


The PM raised important issues and here we agree on the need for reforms in the rule of law and this is essential for the country’s European path. Of course, we will continue to engage, with the Prime Minister, with the Government to discuss the best ways to move forward, as well as the other parts of the system. We expect to continue with a constructive relationship, because we share the same goal – to join the country in the European Union as soon as possible, noted outgoing EU Ambassador David Geer, after Macedonian Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski said that it had become a practice for ambassadors to interfere in the country’s internal affairs, alluding to the ambassadors’ comments on the future of the Judicial Council.

Prime Minister Mickoski, who yesterday fiercely retaliated against the ambassadors for interfering in the work of the state, harshly criticized the judges and prosecutors, whom he said are paid thousands of euros in wages and enjoy the comfort of leather armchairs, walking on red carpets with two percent confidence among the citizens.

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