Interior Minister announces uncompromising fight against drug dealers


In the past period, on several occasions, I have spoken about the availability of drugs on our streets and cities, which in the last few years has reached an alarming level, Macedonian Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski said in a Facebook post.

“I promised that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will use all available resources to start an uncompromising fight against the illegal drug trade, and in that context we will not stop until the last street is cleared of this evil.  At the operational level, guidelines have been given and plans have been made for actions that will be intensified in the coming period. In just these two days, the police in a series of operations in several cities arrested several people for drug trafficking. Arrests in Chair and Kochani, searches in several locations across the country. Marijuana, white powdery substance, money, digital scales were found. The cases are being cleared up and after complete documentation, appropriate submissions will follow,” Toshkovski pointed out.

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