Serbian police seized 12 kilos of marijuana in a vehicle that entered from Macedonia


Members of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, the Border Police Administration and the Police Administration in Vranje discovered and seized about 12.2 kilograms of plant matter suspected to be marijuana from atar in the village of Miratovac on the border with Macedonia and detained H. D. (39) from the area of ​​Preshevo, due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that as a co-perpetrator the suspect committed the crime of “unauthorized production and placing on the market of narcotics”.

“While police officers inspected a pickup with Croatian license plates, with which the suspect and another wanted person entered Serbia from the Republic of North Macedonia, they found several packages with about 12.2 kilograms of vegetable substance in the cargo area and cabin of the vehicle that is suspected to be marijuana, the Serbian Ministry of the Interior informed.


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