Census figures in Albania are the result of intense Bulgarian propaganda, says Simovski


Due to strong pressures from Bulgaria, such census results happened in Albania, says the head of State Statistics Office (SSO), Apostol SImovski. In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Simovski says that the activities were intense from the Bulgarian structures and he expected such results, and he does not see this as a failure of Albania. He says that he knows many of our people who wrote themselves as Bulgarians, and then they call themselves the biggest nationalists.

“That propaganda is very intense, which does no one any good. Unfortunately it happens and unfortunately many people accept it primarily for economic, but sometimes also for lucrative reasons. And we can’t interfere here, it’s still very personal. What personally bothers me the most is that these same people appear as the biggest defenders of the national feeling, but they did the opposite,” the SSO head said.

Simovski believes that the census could be held again, but it is a very expensive process that depends only on the policy of the Tirana government.

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