Did the ex-health minister read that a colleague of his was arrested in Albania for shady tenders?


MP Mile Lefkov from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE pointed out that members of the kidnapped SDSM are wondering where their party leader Filipche and their boss Zaev are connected to crime and corruption.

“We remind you that Filipche, as a minister in Zaev’s government, conducted the scandalous public-private partnership tender for sterilization, from 2019, a tender that even the sparrows knew would be won by a company from Albania as soon as it was announced. But that didn’t stop Filipche from pushing this EUR 14 million tender, which only showed even then that he was appointed to the position of Minister of Health by Zaev in order to jointly push the murky million-dollar tenders and instead of a health system for the citizens, to build private pocket lining system. We hope that Filipche and SDSM read that a former health minister was arrested in Albania for similar shady tenders and deals, after the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office there started an investigation into the sterilization concession,” Lefkov pointed out.



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