Lefkov: Macedonian ambassador to the UN is the ugly face of the previous government’s rule, he will be held accountable


VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov commented at a press conference on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s decision to summon the ambassador to the UN Ljubomir Frchkoski for consultations.

“Frchkoski is the ugly face of the rule of the previous government of SDSM and DUI. From what we could see in public, we see that as the ambassador of Macedonia he enjoyed the comforts that Zoran Zaev provided him with the appointment, and at the same time there is no account of how the people’s money was spent, that is, the money was spent in an unknown way,” Lefkov said.

Lefkov points out that everyone should be held accountable for how they performed their duty, regardless of who they were or what position they held.


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