Man bitten by a “black widow” spider, urgently hospitalized at Toxicology Clinic


The director of the Toxicology Clinic Andon Chibishev sends advice and warnings to citizens on social media, after the weather conditions are very favorable for insects and reptiles, which become more active and possibly more aggressive.

“During the weekend, a patient was admitted to the University Clinic for Toxicology in extremely serious general condition due to an insect bite, which, according to the information from the doctor on duty from the General Hospital in Strumica and the patient’s statement, was a black insect that looked like a spider. According to the clinical picture and clinical manifestations, the patient was bitten by a “black widow” spider (Latrodectus), an insect whose bite can seriously endanger health and life,” informed the Toxicology director.

After providing appropriate emergency aid at the Strumica General Hospital and reporting the case to the Toxicology Information Center of the University Toxicology Clinic and consultation with the doctor on duty, the patient was immediately transported to the Toxicology Clinic.


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