Customs foil smuggling attempt of two tons of meat harmful to citizens’ healthil smuggling attempt of two tons of meat harmful to citizens’ health


A mobile team of the Customs Administration this past weekend prevented the smuggling of two tons of meat harmful to the citizens’ health. The carrier, who is also the owner of the transport vehicle, did not declare the meat with a customs declaration, and he did not have a veterinary certificate for the same. After a criminal complaint was filed, a verdict was passed for the crime committed, smuggling of goods.

On Saturday, a cargo vehicle with Greek license plates was registered at the Bogorodica customs office at the entrance to the country, for which 28 parcels of water, pies, salads and peppers were registered with a customs document. In order to carry out a detailed inspection, the vehicle was transferred to a public customs warehouse, where after the inspection began, the carrier stated that there was another undeclared product, frozen pork, the value of which, according to the additionally attached documents, is 11 thousand euros.

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