Judiciary is facing collapse – no employees, no judges, no presidents


For years, the courts in Krushevo and Berovo are left without presidents. The situation in the judiciary is alarming, the Judicial Council points out. According to the council, a collapse is happening. A decision was made for a new job advertisement on Monday.

“The judiciary is facing collapse. There are no employees, no judges, no presidents. There are no judges from where to apply, in the end we delegate judges from one place to another – but that is not a solution. That’s enough to figure, he can’t be dedicated,” said the President of the Judicial Council, Vesna Dameva.

Dameva says that this issue is being discussed in meetings, but they don’t know what to do.

“We hope that we will balance it out with the new academy graduates, but it will be a small number,” Dameva added.

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